Thursday, March 19, 2020

News from France

Hello Everyone,

Some of you have already seen this photo and some of this info thanks to Facebook, but it bears repeating, and repeating, and repeating. Please stay home. After people in France weren't respecting the rules, it was time to crackdown and since Tuesday at noon, we have been on lock down. The whole country. (We learned from Italy, where when the north was on lock down, people fled south, further spreading the problem.)

Please flatten the curve. Please Google this term if you don't understand. And note this important graphic:

This graphic above is from Harvard Global Health Institute. 

If you have free time and are reading about the virus, I'd suggest watching the press briefings from the World Health Organization:

You don't have to be in the media to read and watch the briefings. 

The transcript of the latest briefing is up now. Here is an excerpt from the Director General:

"Don't assume your community won't be affected. Prepare as if it will be. Don't assume you won't be infected. Prepare as if you will be. But there is hope. There are many things that all countries can do; physical distancing measures like cancelling sporting events, concerts and other large gatherings can help to slow transmission of the virus. They can reduce the burden on the health system and they can help to make epidemics manageable, allowing targeted and focused measures. 

But to suppress and control the epidemics countries must isolate, test, treat and trace. If they don't transmission chains can continue at a low level, then resurge once physical distancing measures are lifted. WHO continues to recommend that isolating, testing and treating every suspected case and tracing every contact must be the backbone of the response in every country. This is the best hope of preventing widespread community transmission."

Stay safe everyone.