Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wait, I've Got a Coupon!

Coupons are a rarity in France, compared to the United States. Oh, those mornings when I'd hear that giant Sunday edition hit my doorstep. I would spend so much time sorting and clipping. I remember once getting 35-cent coupons for Pace Picante Sauce that were worth triple at Kroger's because they were under 50 cents. It didn't matter that the salsa cost 99 cents and they were giving me back 6 cents to buy the product. Those were the days.

Now, there is no Pace, just Old El Paso products here, and a jar of the same size costs about 2.50€ ($3.30). 

But I am happy to see a coupon, anyway, and I took advantage of this offer, with 70 cents off one liter of soup. I even remembered to give the cashier the coupon, despite being so many years out of practice....

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