Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Licensed to Mean Two Things

Finally, we got our license plate numbers and got the plates made. And the first thing I thought when I saw them, I thought, California and Virginia! Two of the six states I've lived in. What irony!

But then some of the French members of the family looked and them and saw what I hadn't: ça va. This can be both the question, "How's it going?" and the response, "It's going" or "It's okay."

So, double irony.

I was worried that the plates would spell something stupid in English, as I have seen many, many, but alas, ça va...

Note that I erased three digits from the middle for our privacy. Another note, you can choose what department you want to be shown as being from. Seventy-seven is our current department, but some people choose where they were born or where they grew up...

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