Monday, February 27, 2012


This was the estimated wait time for Crush's Coaster at Disney Studios. Yep, ninety minutes. So we promptly passed it by. Again. (Fifth visit in a row?) We passed on instead to the Parachutes, only to find the line there said 65 minutes.

Then we wisely headed to RC Racer, and found ourselves in front of a sign that said a mere 70 minutes. We'd never done the ride, and didn't actually see zillions of people waiting anywhere. We made the zig zaggedy walk along a rubber race track only to see a gabillion people in a snakey line that seemed to end nowhere.

So after brilliantly avoiding the 90-minute Crush's Coaster wait, we ended up hanging around for 105 minutes (yes 1-0-5) to ride RC Racer. You're kind of trapped up to a point to have to pass back through all the people...

Call me a sucker, but the ride was worth it.

I'll be looking to go again on our next visit. And will be bringing a small table and deck of cards.

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