Friday, January 20, 2012


This was in the fridge, patiently waiting for our weekend guests, but I caved. I've rarely met a cheese I didn't like, and these three just sang out to me. According to the box, there's Emmental (what Americans often call Swiss cheese), Comte (one of my faves) and Gruyère in here. The ingredients also list white wine and Kirsch, a cherry brandy.

This is a great winter weekend dish (when it survives the week) because you just melt the stuff, cut a loaf of bread into cubes, maybe slice up some carrot sticks and voila! Set out those long pointy forks and you're golden.

One time when we were living in New York, we planned to make fondue for guests and I drew whatever sized straw it was that sent me off to the local Price Chopper. (Sometimes after staying home all day, going out into the frozen tundra was a still a blessing.) I got all the way there that time only to realize that I had no cell phone and could not remember what kind of cheeses Bernard used to make fondue.

That's when who should walk up the same aisle of this large hypermarket but our friend Laurent, who worked for the same company as Bernard, and  the only Swiss person I knew I New York.

A meltdown as averted, and the fondue dinner went on as planned...

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