Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Know, I Know...

Read the label carefully... It's no different for that here than it was in the U.S. But I was in a hurry, we needed to find the bathroom in the middle of shopping, and there were no fresh packets of ground beef last night. So, given the option of fresh patties, or frozen ones that had onions in them, I went for this. I love onions and it saved me a step as I always add them in the beef when I make Shepherd's Pie...

But I thought it was 15% fat and didn't check to see that it wasn't just onion and beef, beyond that. There was a frozen bag of just beef, but 20% fat. Ick.

So it will be Shepherd's Pie à la beef with protéines végétales. Only 51% beef. My bad.

It did look good on the package, didn't it?

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