Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Healthy McDo Treat

Saturday night while out shopping we made the unhealthy choice of visiting McDo (mick doh' as they call it here) and I was surprised to see a new healthy dessert option. Even happier that Ellie opted for it. The kiwi on a stick...

According to an article I read online, Italy's McDonald's launched this novel idea last year and now it's in France. Last that I was in the US, a Happy Meal just included the burger or nuggets, fries and a drink, except that in one restaurant there, we had sliced apples with caramel for a dessert choice. Beginning in March this year, according to McDonald's web site, all Happy Meals in the US and Latin America will begin including fruit with every meal.

Since we've lived here, there's also been a dessert option which includes those apple sauces in a pouch, a yogurt drink or sometimes pineapple slices or mixed fruits. We can also get cherry tomatoes instead of fries, and a bottle of Evian is among the drink selections. Little cartons of milk are not on the list. (They don't have those in schools here either, as French people usually drink water and have a cheese course for their dairy.)

When you consider the French reputation for gastronomy it may be surprising to note that after the US, France is Mickey D's second most profitable market. There are 63,000 employees in nearly 1,500 franchises, with about 40 restaurants being added here per year.

I'm waiting to hear when adult meals are going to start offering the kiwi sticks. That looked pretty good!

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