Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Golden Mountain

We've finally gotten our first cold snap of the season and some areas of Ile de France (our region) have had snow or are predicting some this week... So it's time for some French-style comfort foods, non?

This may not be the most heart healthy thing you can serve up in France, but it's among my favorites for the winter. Mont D'Or (Golden Mountain) is easy to fix. You simply remove the plastic wrapper, slice into the rind at the top and pour in a few teaspoons of dry white wine. Let the cheese bake right in the wooden container on a cookie sheet, and serve like a fondue with cubes of bread...

Nothing beats a meal of good old fashioned French cheese on a brisk cold evening... Unless, of course, you could find the same thing with far fewer calories!

Let me know when you do.

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