Friday, December 9, 2011

Under the Big Top

A nice bonus that French companies often give their companies is some sort of outing for the families around the holidays. This year, Bernard's new company offered deeply-discounted tickets to the circus. So Sunday afternoon, off we went to stand in line to go under the big tent a few towns away. We were packed in like sardines! But it was a good show, and we'd promised the kids we'd do a circus for a long time, so this enabled us to tick this off the list...

Was tough to get good photos, though. Bright lighting gave me such clear shots as this:

On the left, that's a woman spinning from a ribbon (and no other attachment as far as I could tell). On the right, you've got a dog suspended in air on a stick... The dogs and cats were among the kids' favorites... But the big favorite of the animals were these... No surprise:

The final act was not at all what I thought it would be. Once again, the photos don't tell much. Sorry for that! What you're looking at here (really!) are three motorcycles inside a metal sphere riding around without smacking into each other.

And then, with the lights out...

They got a rousing applause for their finale!

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