Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Patron of Lost Things

San Antonio, also known as Saint Anthony, is said to be the Patron of Lost Things. There's a saying that goes, "St. Anthony, please look around; something is lost and must be found."

Please help me in praying that he finds my wallet, which has been missing since Saturday.... Luckily, it did not contain my license or green card, and the credit card (now blocked) shows no charges...

Saint Anthony was born to noble parents in Lisbon in 1195, and was noted for his amazing preaching skills. His credit for helping with lost items stems from an incident where someone had taken a valuable psalmbook that St. Anthony had been using. The saint prayed very hard that the book would be recovered. The thief is said to have returned it after seeing a shocking apparition of Saint Anthony.

These tiles are embedded in the wall of a nearby home that we pass by regularly...

PS. Saint Anthony: the wallet was brown, worn and said Elite all over it...

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  1. Whew! Found it this morning in the shoe box. Don't ask me how it got there, but we have a saying in the Robic family, "You'll find it when you're not looking for it."


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