Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This Morning's Excitement

We finally collected enough stickers to get a free Tintin figurine from one of the local grocery stores. Ellie has been keeping up with the stickers, and was thrilled to have enough this morning to get the two police detectives figurine. (It's just one item.)

Then after all her fanfare of asking me for this or that product each time we've been to the store over three weeks' time so she could get stickers, she told me she doesn't really want it. 

Now she's wrapped it up for Alex for Christmas. (???)

This has been a big film here as there are many, many Tintin fans. My kids and husband have read most of the books and we've got some in both English and French... We saw the movie this weekend, but I must say for me, there was an awful lot of sword fighting.... Another reason it has gone over well here!

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