Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box...

We looked at this, and thought, "Wow, great deal, 5.99€ for all that, plus the Cool Mickey Pants box. Finally, a Disney restaurant that wasn't super-over-the-top-this-is-Disney-and-we'll-charge-you-what-we-want-expensive.

But then while ordering, the woman told us that, "Non," the box doesn't come with it. 

Are we not the first ones not to realize that the + symbol next to the price next to the box meant pay that extra? I mean it's the same price, so in the fuzzy brain mode you get into whilst inside the Gates of Disney, we thought it was just mentioning the price again. (In fact, I am only registering this NOW, as I am able to take it in without the endless stream of my internal Disneyland chatter such as, "Wonder how long the Buzz Light Year line is now" and "Would we be better off to be riding now while everyone else is eating" and "Why is it that we'd actually even consider standing in a line that says it's 65 minutes long?") But I digress. 

At the moment we were standing there, we did somehow believe (kids included, 'cuz you know they're good at reading menus when there are toys involved) that they got the Cool Mickey Pants box. That's even though I knew the box was listed as 9.99€ by itself.

Alas, the Disney folks aren't dumb, so even if you did want to read it that it was 5.99€ for all of it, there's always that catch. There it was specially printed in English, not in French, just for us Americans.

BTW, you can't swap the dessert from Menu #3 (brownie) for the one on Menu #2 (Magnum ice cream), either. The answer again is "Non."

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