Monday, November 7, 2011

Stamp of (Dis)Approval

So I'm off to the Post Office to mail, among other things, two letters to URSSAF, an administrative office that deals with French benefits. And the woman behind the counter offers me these stamps. Considering that I was writing to URSSAF because the Orléans office had sent me the same form I mailed to them last month (with a new deadline on it) and the Melun office has not acknowledged my request to transfer my file to their office since it's in my new department, I wasn't sure which of these to choose. Perhaps the upper right? "I like to write." Bottom right: "I've got something to say?"

Or how about ones from this panel?

Upper left: "Words are the life." Yeah, I've got all the time in the world to keep writing to you. Upper right: "Between us." Non. I won't be quiet if I don't get this finalized. How about the lower left? "Words of love." A good choice in the bottom right one: "This is a letter." Like, send me one now.

This was the selection in the last group:

Upper right: "For the moment, all is well." I wasn't sending that one. Perhaps I should have sent the bottom left. It doesn't appear to be French. But it looks like "Keep your morale." And I could not have sent the last: "You are wonderful."

These were created by an artist named Benjamin Vautier, a.k.a. Ben, who was born in Naples in 1935, and emigrated to Nice in 1949.

Kudos to anyone who can decipher the one on the bottom left of the last panel...

And a final thought: If you're sending your son's letter to his friend and the last stamp left is "Mots d'Amour," do you affix it, send it and say nothing? LOL...

These are surely going to be tricky to use... Next time I'll go for the standard red ones with Marianne on them...

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