Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ah, a Paris Patisserie

Nothing like dessert with a friend along a side street in Paris on an October afternoon. We chose from two important food groups (fruit and chocolate) after much belabored consideration. Then we moved to the cashier, where I politely asked for forks.

"We don't have any forks," the cashier replied. She started at me as if I'd asked for her gold, and I actually said to her, "But you look surprised that I would ask for a fork to eat this." And then I confirmed with her what I knew: that the outside seating next to the shop did belong to them.

So how were we supposed to eat this?

Thankfully, my friend who'd flown here all the way from Seatlle was actually equipped with two complete sets of plasticware.

Good thing, 'cuz these were messy and they called for being devoured quite quickly....

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