Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The (Un)Happiest Place on Earth

We planned a great surprise for the kids on Sunday. Some good friends had some Disney passes that were expiring at the end of the month, so we were going to meet their family for a day of fun. I woke the kids and told them that as soon as they were dressed and rooms cleaned, I'd tell them about what we'd set up for them. And that as soon as dad finished with some elecrical wiring, we'd be off. Surely, we'd be there by lunch.

Well the electrical work took much longer than the room cleaning and clothes hunting. We added the carseats back to Bernard's car (a major pain to haul them down our driveway) since they'd been removed for weeks for him to haul DIY stuff.

Shopping was done, sandwiches were made. Finally dad was done. But it was late. The friends' kids were getting hungry. Ok, so we won't eat together but we'll eat our sandwiches as our lunch and be inside the park with you ASAP. We updated them several times as we got close, and planned to meet them when they exited the Pirates of the Caribbean.

That is, until we got to the gate and the woman scanned Ellie's pass. "Please wait," the machine read. Then the lady spoke words that just killed our day. "Didn't you look to see the days of restriction?" It was one of the 65 days of the year that our passes weren't valid. Grrr! No, I hadn't looked. They had removed the dates at the end of the summer as a bonus, but the restricted days had gone back into effect two weeks ago. And as is typical in French customer service situations here, she expressed no sorrow for us, only stepped away and avoided eye contact with us, not to deal with any of our deep, deep disappointment.

So, the kids, who had earned money working on mom's other web site in the morning, decided we should shop. This was among the things we saw while they chose keychains to buy with their savings.

Then Alex quickly reminded Bernard that our passes got us 30 percent off movie tickets in the Disney Village. We could maybe see something in IMAX version? So when we got there and learned that the movie was starting in ten minutes, we thought our luck had turned. Then the clerk tells us that our passes don't work until after 6 p.m. Ugh again. So we paid 33 euros 40 cents (our company discount cards were at home, but they did accept vacation checks) for the four tickets, and proceeded to the snack counter where we plunked down another 13 euros, only to discover that the back of one of the tickets had a coupon for popcorn for 1€ when we'd paid 3€. Nope, too late, it's rung up (not paid for yet) the cashier tells us.

So we go see the Smurfs, a.k.a. Les Schtroumpfs, and I dozed in and out (which irked Bernard, who remarked that at 8€ I could have slept cheaper elsewhere.)

As we were leaving, the kids remarked one last time that they were disappointed not to have gone on ANY rides...  Then I reminded them:

They did get to go on the People Mover. Each way. And for a long, long way, since we were late in arriving and had to park way out in the boondocks...

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  1. :(

    Heureusement que nous étions allés quelques jours plus tôt ensemble, hein !

    Bravo aussi pour ton autre site : il est super !


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