Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Spider at Night...

I found this guy hanging out on my ceiling last night. In France, a spider is not always ominous. There's a saying here:

Araignée du soir, l’espoir
Araignée du matin, chagrin
Araignée du midi, nouvelle de mon chéri...

This is a little French poem that means:

A spider at night, hope.
A spider in the morning, bad luck.
A spider in the afternoon, news from my lover.

My hope is that he's not a she who's got plans for using my house as a maternity ward....

In French, a daddy long legs is called a cousin. Since the house we've bought here was empty for six months, let's just say our friend here has/had lots more cousins. The vacuum cleaner and I are still making regular evictions.

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