Friday, September 23, 2011

Pause Café


Also known as a "coffee break" here...

These are coffee meringues. I don't drink coffee, but love the smell and taste of coffee-flavored foods. Honestly, I didn't care for these, but I think that's because I am not usually a fan of meringues. If you haven't tasted meringues, imagine a super-light cookie; now pump it full of air. Then pump in some more air. I like something I can really sink my teeth into.

These were from a cute little bakery in downtown Bourron-Marlotte near Fontainebleau. I consider it my civic duty to test out new bakeries whenever the opportunity arises. So I can report that the pain au chocolat I had from my earlier stop the same morning was awesome. Unless you're a meringue fan, go for the pain au chocolat break...

There are just three ingredients here: egg whites, sugar and, as the woman behind the counter explained, coffee that's added at the last moment when the meringue gets to a nice, thick consistency.

BTW, I love how this photo turned out. With the late-morning lighting in my car, the blue background was the result of setting these on a plain white wrapper that my pain au chocolat had been served up in.... Serendipity!

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