Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Man Who's Worth Three Billion

Further proof that everything is more expensive in Europe...

Thankfully, my husband's taste for all these 70's series is shared by a good friend, so this one is not part of our permanent collection, rather, just on loan.

I'll have to ask our friend if he's got The Bionic Woman, instead. I loved that show!

Tags: Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man, Jaime Sommers, Lindsay Wagner, Lee Majors


  1. That's funny! I just read a comic strip yesterday where a kid complained that even in the 70's, it would have taken billions of dollars of technology. His grandfather suggested that six million was his insurance deductable. ;)

  2. LOL Kevin... I checked this weekend, and no, our friends didn't have the Bionic Woman, so I am stuck with Steve... I have that metallic gate rattling sound going through my head now (from when he leapt over stuff... remember?)


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