Friday, August 26, 2011

Paris Brest Patisserie

If I were going to undertake a 745-mile (1200-km) race, I'd probably be able to afford the calories in one of these... Otherwise, probably not. So it's good that I split it with Ellie.

The "Paris Brest" is named for the race that made it popular... Every four years since 1881, cyclists have competed along the trek from Paris to Brest and back... It's the oldest cycling event still being conducted...  It was last held as an actual race in 1951...

It's shaped in the form of a wheel, and includes a puff pastry sliced in half, filled with praline creme and topped with powdered sugar. This variety, from our new bakery down the street, includes toasted almond slices...

This was gone faster than you can say ParisBrestParistwelvehundredkilometerbikeride. 

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