Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My New "Rue"

Like many French towns and cities (including Paris) ours has a street named for the 4th of September...  The name is in honor of September 4, 1870, when France established its third republic, ending the reign of Napoleon the Third.

The Second French Empire was overthrown when Napoleon surrendered on September 1, 1870 to the Prussians during the Battle of Sedan. This led to the cession of Alsace-Lorraine territory to the German Empire. Three days later France's new republic was proclaimed by statesman Léon Gambetta, thus the Fourth of September is a noted date in French history. There is also a metro (subway) stop in Paris named Le Quatre Septembre.

The Third Republic endured through to 1940 when the German occupation of France took hold during World War Two...

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