Sunday, August 14, 2011

Located Where?

While this may look like a typical American amusement park, it's actually in Cuges les Pins, in southern France. You've got a Las Vegas saloon, The Tombstone Theater, and even a camping area where you can rent a really expensive teepee for the night.

Welcome to the OK Corral where things were totally NOT okay for us about seven years ago on our first trip to this place. We lost Alex, then age 4, for about three or four minutes. The longest three or four minutes of my life.

We stayed calm and remembered something we'd heard that proved true in our case: lost children often walk away from the sun. That's the direction we found him. After what felt like a few days later.

Otherwise, the park has always been a great experience for us. Well, except the all-too-real gunfight that scared the living daylights out of the kids on that first visit. (Ellie was two.)

They totally believed all the actors around them were dying. We had to stay long enough to show them that they were all going to get up off the ground and hop away...

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