Monday, July 4, 2011

Trouser Button Cheese

Culotte means underwear, so the kids urged made me snap this photo... But upon researching this cheese on the web, I learned that it's called Farmer's Trouser Button Cheese... Which sounds much better...

This is a goat cheese from the Maçon region of southern Burgundy... It's recommended to be eaten with what else (?) but red or white wine from the Macon area. One French web site said that they're good for serving as an appetizer, but that you could also enjoy them for breakfast...

We've got American guests here for Fourth of July, so naturally, I will be serving what else (?) but French cheeses with our hotdogs... but not for breakfast!

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  1. Cheesy Farmers Trousers . . .yeah I'm not so sure that's better :-)


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