Saturday, July 2, 2011

Token-less Trouble

Positive point about French shopping carts: they're giant. I could probably fit inside one. (Can't say I've tried.)

Negative point about French shopping carts: no straps to hold in toddlers. When I realized this when we moved here, it dawned on me why all the moms put their kids in daycare to shop.

Most frustrating point about French shopping carts: if you don't have a jeton (the token inserted just above the chain on the right) you are cartless! The tokens are the equivalent size of a euro, and gosh darnit if I don't only have 20-cent pieces when I find myself in front of the cart distributor...

I've recently gotten a plastic jeton from one of the stores, and I'm gonna hang on to it for dear life from now on... Especially since it's the sales period through July 26th...

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