Friday, July 29, 2011

The Short Straw

Courtepaille translates to the Short Straw, and at first, I found this to be an odd name for a restaurant. I mean, if you got sick after eating there, you know someone would just have to say, "Well you chose The Short Straw, didn't you?"

Actually, it was named as such because it's a chain, and many have thatched roofs...

I haven't been too impressed with the chain since the day I was turned away from an absolutely empty dining room.  I had admitted (shame!) to the host that I was just bringing the kids for dessert at 5 p.m. We weren't there to eat dinner. He said, "Sorry, we can't serve just dessert."

But I went to another near Paris recently and it was a great experience. Not only did they serve us well (except for the waitress' end-of-dinner plate crash into a glass that sent us all scrambling.) But they also welcomed about 25 dogs that night, as it was close to hotels housing canines and their humans who were all in the city for the 2011 World Dog Show...

This guy, Aka, an Akita dog, sat behind us... He didn't get any treats that seemed to interest him. Not those that were given nor those that were accidently dropped.


He definitely got the short straw that night....

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