Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chambord -- Visit #20

I am convinced you can't take a bad shot at Chambord (pronounced shahm'-bore). The "d" is silent. This photo is from the highest level we're allowed to visit, and represents the top of the spiral staircase.

If you go, be sure to catch the video right as you enter the castle in the first room to the right. It's a straight shot in from where they take your tickets across the courtyard. It's about a 20-minute movie, but worth it for all the background about the castle's construction. It's subtitled in English and a few other languages.

As we are in the process of moving to Thomery, near Fontainebleau, this was likely my last visit for awhile... I am beginning to see that I will be making frequent trips to Disney instead... I'm on visit number 4.

Too bad they never sold season passes to Chambord. I'd have bought one!

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