Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blink and You Miss It!

It's true what they say when you come to watch the Tour de France... the racers pass by in a heart beat!

I looked up for a split second to catch a shot of the helicopter (why?) and when I looked back down....

Whoosh! There they were!

I only caught a few shots of actual racers...

But according to my camera, I caught 128 other shots of all the hoopla (so happy for the digital age)... So, tomorrow, I'll post the best from "La Caravane." There's quite a lot of excitement leading up to those few minutes (was it seconds?) when the racers flew by...

Note: We were in Herbault, about halfway through the race. We didn't witness any spills, on what CNN called a "crash-marred seventh leg".

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