Thursday, June 9, 2011

Patte d'Ours

Translation: bear claw.

I had to run out to pick up kids somewhere and left this on the table, waiting for its FFDJ photo. Fortunately, my other half heard me when I shouted out breathlessly on my way out the door, keys in hand, "No, it's not for now!"

Somehow, it was still waiting, untouched, miracle of all miracles, when I got back. And since the kids had hit the swings right away, this poor bear claw didn't stand a chance against me and Bernard take our turns with it... Snoofed down in a flash...

Contents: yummy pastry with chunks of apple... From Vincent Boulangerie in La Ferté Saint Aubin, the first one upon entering town after passing the castle... This is their specialty, and I highly recommend it. But you really might want to have someone to share it with, since it is rather filling... (Not that I'm saying we bear-ly finished it. Yuk, yuk.)

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