Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Kind of Bumper Sticker

At the bottom right, it says, "In tartiflette we trust." Yes!

I'm not a "stick stuff on my car" kind of person, but I think I'd post this one if I found it. I so love this winter weather dish... It's from the Savoie department and is made with cheese and potatoes, so I was automatically hooked. Oh, it's also typically got onions and bits of fatty ham. But that's okay.

BTW, since we see the 89 at the end of the yellow license plate (I blotted some out for the owner's privacy) we know the car's from the Bourgogne region, a.k.a. Burgundy region, so not the tartiflette home, which is the Savoie in far eastern France on the Swiss border. So it's department 73... Perhaps he's an honorary resident.

In tartiflette, I trust. Even when it's not the season for it...

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  1. I see tons of those bumper stickers here in Annecy (Haute Savoie is département 74, but I won't get upset at you for not mentioning us!) Anyway, they always make me smile (even if it's way too hot today to even think about melted cheese!)


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