Saturday, May 28, 2011

Webkinz are here!

Actually, they've been here for about four years now, but for some reason, this says on the bottom in red that this is an introductory offer, for 8.99€... That's a bargain considering when they launched these several years ago, we could find them in Gifi (a chain store with toys and hosuewares) for 18.50€ for the full-sized ones and 12.99€ for the Lil' Kinz.

If you've never heard of Webkinz, these are stuffed animals that have an online life. You feed them, clothe them, buy them rooms in your house, save up for expensive pools or trampolines, etc.... You play online games to earn the money. It's really quite well done.

I love this product, but at those prices, we found it well worth it to import them from the US. They were about half the price when not on sale... They never seem to have taken off here, and it's a shame, because the kids we gave them to here really loved them if they got them registered online.... They were a good tool for picking up some English at first, but now kids can play in 14 languages, including French...

Confession time: I had one of my own for awhile. I loved some of the word games! Think Boggle and Scrabble with twists, and online with a timer...

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