Sunday, April 3, 2011

Where's the Beef?

Well, it's everywhere at this chain restaurant... We were greeted by a large ceramic cow at the entrance, the menu was in leather, the selections were a beef lover's dream, and the bill came propped in a real beef bone. Looking at it sorta made me think, "Woof, woof..."

Naturally, I had pasta... with seafood.

Another interesting note about this place... when my husband and friend were at the bar paying, they discovered that kids eat free. I'll make no bones about that!

To my French readers: "Where's the Beef?" was a popular slogan in the mid-1980s for a fast food burger chain called Wendy's. It was used in a presidential campaign by Vice President Walter Mondale to attack another candidate, and became even more widely repeated afterwards... It essentially means "Where's the substance?"

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