Thursday, April 7, 2011

Très Chouette

I thought these little earrings were just too darned cute, so I snatched them up a few weeks ago... And since then, I've had fun showing them off to French friends, while using a carefully prepared line: Ils sont très chouette, non?

There's a double meaning here. It means, They're really neat, no? But chouette, pronounced "shwet," is also the word for a female owl.

Look out, I making my puns in French now. Oh the poor French folks in my path...

Still waiting for one of them to tell me that I'm a real hoot...

<You knew that was coming, right?>

For my French readers, a hoot is someone (or something) who's very funny or amusing, but it's also what we say an owl says...

tags: French expressions


  1. In the area of Louisiana where I grew up, a "chouette" -- pronounced the exact same way --is a not-so-nice name for a female who is bossy and conniving.

    For some reason, I thought the word meant "rat" not owl!

    Love the site! I learn something new everyday about my French heritage!

  2. Those are indeed très chouette! Where did you find them? There seems to be a lot of cute owl-themed stuff in the shops this spring.

    Bon week-end from a new reader in Annecy!


  3. Thanks for your note, Emily... I found them in a Kiabi in Olivet, near Orléans...

  4. @Gretchen... I will ask around if there are any other such meanings here too! Never heard any, but then again I like to say, "I learn something new every fifteen minutes."


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