Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Closer to the Colonel

This was from a recent trip to the Fontainebleau area... The colonel is alive and well all over France, but not in Orléans yet, so when we move to Fontainebleau area soon, he'll be within about 20 minutes' drive.

This is probably not good news for me.

PS. I tried to translate Finger Lickin' Good to no avail. Perhaps that's why they've left it in English on all their buckets, walls, etc...

tags: French fast food, Colonel Sanders


  1. Did you know that here in Québec, it's called PFK? Poulet frit du Kentucky!!! And I have one just around the corner but have yet to stop by...

  2. @Martha... too funny! Do they have the tubs of mashed potatoes? Haven't seen that here... Ironically, we ate at another KFC the day I posted this... We were visiting Brittany...


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