Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chat sur un Mur

It was a beautiful spring day here today, and apparently this "cat on a wall" thought so too... He posed for a half dozen photos, but alas, I couldn't coax him to move further down the wall and out of that shadow...

The radioactive clouds from Japan reached France today, and at first, there were reports that we should stay indoors. Later, that warning was erased and we were told the levels were not high enough to cause any health risk.

Some skeptics still remained indoors here though, because in 1986, the French government claimed that the clouds from Chernobyl missed France. That was later proven to be false and is an often cited point when people mistrust their government here. "Yeah, and the clouds of Chernobyl stopped at the French border...."

You can see the cloud's path on this video from Meteo France.

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