Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bad Driver Week

This guy was coming at me down a one-way street yesterday. I was stopped at a light. Not sure why he was stopped at this moment, except that perhaps he was suddenly realizing what he'd done. I slowly let him pass in front of me before advancing into his place, which was a left-turn lane...

Incidently, you are not allowed to do anything but drive in your car when you're driving in France. No food, no cigarettes, make-up application, etc. And that surely includes not letting your baby (was she even one year old yet?) drive behind the wheel with you going about 30 k.m./hour. I could not and still can't believe what we saw on Thursday this past week while I was picking up the kids after school... Get a brain, lady!

Overall, I find French drivers to be pretty good compared to some of the places I've lived, though...


  1. Where have you lived? Italy? Columbia? I have never experienced a scarier place to drive than France, but then, when I was living in Spain, I didn't have a car... :)

  2. I had many scary experiences in Houston, especially...


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