Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yummmmm, Mmmmacaroons

I always thought that macaroons contained coconut and were quite sticky, so I'd never given these a second glance. I hadn't paid attention to the fact that the exteriors, being completely smooth, surely had nothing to do with coconut. That is, until a visiting friend brought unmercilessly home a big box last year. I was hooked. (You know who you are!) Then he brought more, and more, and more. In all fairness, I should give the bakery advance warning of his next visit...

French macarons are light and airy, bursting with flavor. Melt in your mouth stuff. But you might as well just paste them right onto your thighs... Pictured here, you've got caramel, raspberry, vanilla, pistachio and coquelicot (poppy) which are the blue ones, of course... That's because they add blue coloring to distinguish them from the other reds...

The ones I'd been thinking of are the North American coconut macaroon. Not at all the same.

These are from that all-too-close bakery too.

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