Monday, February 28, 2011

The Perfect Restroom

This comes as near to perfection for a French public toilet as it gets... a spotless seat (heck, there IS a seat!), there's not one, but two dispensers of toilet paper (full!), a scrub brush with bristels I can't see, a trash can with a liner, and... bonus... a paper seat cover dispenser that's full.  This was from the Clos LucĂ© castle in Amboise. The sinks were clean and they had soap and hand dryers. Parfait!

I could say a lot about French public toilets, but I'll spare you. I'll just tell you one of my oldest traumatic memories of public toilets here... There were four of us driving from France back to Switzerland in a snowstorm. My brother-in-law stopped at a rest stop. I took one look at the toilet situation and went straight back to the car. It was a Turkish toilet. A hole in the floor. I was six months pregnant. I just couldn't take the risk of tumbling don't want to know. In fact, non-pregnant, I've never been able to master those toilets, and I was in gymnastics as a kid!

<shiver, shiver, bad memories>

Happy Monday!


  1. that WC looks like it was plucked from the Zurich Hauptbahnhof! That castle must be run by a swiss.

  2. yes, but no bidet! just kidding! you know how us Americans are not used to bidets...
    The worst toilets I ever saw were in Sofia, Bulgaria and the toilet paper was exactly like sandpaper. (you could file your nails with it while um, squatting over the floor hole if you were really in top athletic shape and maybe a member of the Cirque Du Soleil)


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