Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Obvious!

As I was entering a large supermarket one day this past week, I began chatting with one of the store employees and just lost my French. I was speaking, but making little sense. I told him, "I'm tired. It's obvious." "Je suis fatiguée. C'est évident." But I pronounced the "t" in evident. So he told me, no évident with no "t." I started thinking yes, there's a "t" in evidenT. So I asked did he just mean the pronunciation, which led to some rapidfire explanation about there being no "e," after the "t, "so no need to pronounce the "t."

I got it, but he still felt the need (kindly) to write it down for me to be sure I understood. See above.

Then he checked my bags and I was ready to enter the store.

Whew! Security checks are getting tougher all over.... LOL!

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