Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Deux Chocolats

Unfortunately, I didn't have any bread for my lunch one day at work, and I decided it was my turn to offer some up to my colleagues.

Fortunately, there is a bakery that's just around the corner from our office.

Unfortunately, this was also at said bakery. "Two Chocolates" is its name, according to the lady at the counter. I don't think it's a classic French cake, not having been able to find a reference for one that looked like this on the web.

But it's got white chocolate mousse, dark chocolate mousse and biscuit génoise (a bottom and middle layer crust from the town of Gien, about an hour from here). Oh, and a dark chocolate designy thing on the top that looked like broken trees.

All of this was classic enough for me. I wolfed down this Deux Chocolats in about deux secondes.

tags: French patisserie, dessert, delicious

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