Monday, January 17, 2011

Tough Times for Tunisia

Each time I look at this little guy in our living room, I laugh at how my husband Bernard and I haggled with so many Tunisian vendors and shopkeepers for their very lowest price on one of these. Bargaining is a huge sport in Tunisia; we reluctantly played the game, and thought we'd done well. Then a few months later, I saw the EXACT same ones right there at our local Gifi, a home decoration/small furniture store found all over France. And for less than we'd paid.

I'm quite saddened to see the events these past few weeks in Tunisia. We spent a glorious week there in 2006, riding real live camels and buying leather products. The people left a very good impression on me. They're hard workers and they've got a great sense of humor. Yes, even the jokester cashier in the hotel gift shop who, after learning that I was American, would greet me loudly with "Monica Lewinski" each time I walked in. How people's heads would turn.

Tourism is a major industry for Tunisia. Much like Mexico (was) to the United States.... an inexpensive sunny southern destination with good beaches. I hope and pray that they'll be able to get back on track quickly!

Even if we did pay about twice as much as we should've for this guy....

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