Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Somebody Please Stop Me!

The holiday chocolates are all 50% off at Simply, the little grocery store around the corner. Time to hide my carte de crédit. But honestly these aren't all all for me... We've got many guests coming in the next few months, so these are stowed away safely on the third floor now, out of my sight... (While visions of Rondnoir danced in her head...)

Beginning today, there will be more than just chocolates on sales. In our department, like most in France, it's the beginning of the national sales period, which runs through February 15th. We'll find deep discounts on just about anything-- cookware, electronics, bath towels, etc. These dates are set and approved by the government. About five departments got derogations to hold them outside this time frame.

But like the Black Friday sales in the US, I've heard the first day can be a bit of madness, so I won't be out there braving it all. Maybe tomorrow. Today I'll just be here at home. Daydreaming about traveling... to the Pyrenees. Or maybe the Arc de Triomphe...

Only dreaming.

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  1. Update: They put a bunch more chocolate out this morning... Dark 400 gram Toblerone bars...


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