Saturday, January 8, 2011

Missing the Carrefour

One day in 2001, when I was driving along with my husband Bernard in the south of France, he told me to watch for our next turn at the Carrefour. We were on vacation, and were visiting a friend near Aix en Provence... I was cruising along merrily when he started telling me I'd totally missed the turn, and by the way, what was I doing?

I apologized, and explained that I hadn't seen a grocery store at all and thought I'd been paying close enough to the roads... Carrefour is a big supermarché chain that I knew from his hometown of Lorient. The only ones I knew at the time had been huge, though smaller stores exist like this one here. Yes, what had I been doing to have missed that?

Then Bernard realized something...

I'd never learned that the word carrefour means intersection...

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