Sunday, January 30, 2011

L'Harmonie Gâteau

Like the Opéra, this gâteau (cake) hits all the right notes with me... It's called L'Harmonie...

It's got croustillant praliné, mousse au chocolat, noisettes, a.k.a., a harmonious mix of praline crust, chocolate mousse and hazelnuts....

It's from one of our four local bakeries--the one closest to me. Too close. (The only thing worse was when we lived in eastern France and the nearest bakery was just around the corner from our apartment....)

Incidentally, this wine's one of my favorites. Monbazillac is a sweet dessert wine from in the village of Monbazillac in southwestern France. Simply délicieux. Ask me why the glass is empty.

keywords: French cake


  1. I didn't dare open it. No one else wanted any... It's really quite sweet. So the temptation remains bottled up until our next guests... Ugh.


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