Sunday, January 16, 2011

Calendar Girl

This is just a part of my collection, since two have found homes on the wall...

This time of year, like in the US, we collect calendar freebies from places like the from the pharmacy (complete with my astrological outlook for 2011) and real estate agents (get a free estimate upon presenting this calendar.)

But in addition to the giveaways, beginning around early December, we'll get knocks at the door around dinner hour from a variety of sports and service organizations seeking €s in exchange for their annual publication.

Being deathly afraid of fire, I couldn't turn down les pompiers. Their calendar includes a run-down of some of last year's catastrophes, demonstrating all they handle in our little town community and those surrounding us. It's impressive, but I'm not so sure how my American compatriot who lost her hotel/home in the next town would feel about being featured on the March page... And looking at the frightful shot, I'm sure that my 7€ donation wasn't nearly enough. Note that it's a volunteer crew.

The new trash pickup company got in on the action this year too. I bought theirs merely because I've got two kids who are gaga for animaux adorables, and the cover shot had three Saint Bernards... We're a bit partial to Bernards in this house, since I'm married to one...

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