Sunday, December 12, 2010

You Can't Catch Me...

I'm the Bonhomme En Pain D'épices...

This translates literally to "good man in spice bread."

Each time I see the word bonhomme, I think of when Ellie was about two, and I started taking her to a crèche (daycare program) once a week to do my shopping. I've never seen a shopping cart here with seat belts, so this was the most painless solution for both of us. Plus, at the time Ellie spoke more English than French. Full immersion with French-speaking caretakers and children her age was just what the language doctor ordered.

I spoke very little French back then too, so I was pleased when a mom approached me at the crèche exit one day and said in English that her son had said he'd played a lot with my daughter. Ellie confirmed that he was her new friend, so I asked what his name was.


In this sense, "good boy." Parents might say, "Mon petit bonhomme," or "my little good man." After playing for three full hours, Ellie had not acquired his name, but at least she was making friends and picking up some French.

I never got the boy's real name...

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