Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vive La Poste


Regular mail delivery in both places I've lived in France has been via vélo. Not sure how much easier it is to get around right now in the snow, but our mailman's been here each day without fail, despite the crackling ice beneath his sturdy tires. Like many French bikes, his is equipped with two saddlebags in the back. He's got two extra pouches in the front for the next deliveries. There are some locked metal boxes strategically placed along the streets where yellow La Poste trucks go around and load up large batches of what he'll deliver, street by street. He also delivers small packages; bigger ones come via the yellow trucks. He says his route length is typical: about 13 or 14 kilometers...

Like in the U.S., French mail is Monday through Saturday here... come rain or shine, sleet or snow...

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