Saturday, December 4, 2010

Siècle 21

When we began looking for a house in France, I asked one of my French relatives about real estate web sites. He said something like, "αιώνα είκοσι μία dot F R." The phone's extra difficult for me, so I asked him to spell it. "C-e-n-t-u-r-y. Two. One. Dot. f-r."

I laughed and explained that my dad once worked for this company back in the U.S. My relative hadn't realized it wasn't a French company until I pointed out that it'd be "Siècle 21" in that case... 

During our research, we were surprised to find so many houses in one town with five or six bedrooms. Bernard looked at one of them and liked it, but wanted to look at the others. So he made the next appointment. But alas, it was the same house! Each time, the important elements, such as square footage, number of bedrooms and land surface had been calculated differently. And of course, the prices varied too.

Here, exclusivity isn't required... And as it turns out, the owners also had listed it on some do-it-yourselfer site, but to their dismay, we hadn't looked there. We thought we'd learned everything about buying French real estate, but ...

<...warning, bad joke coming....> least we were using 21st century methods...

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