Thursday, December 9, 2010

My First Picasso

I often joke that I've had a Swiss bank account and I own a Picasso, yet I'm still poor.

The Swiss bank account was from when we lived in Switzerland back in '99-'00. No millions, there. And this five-seater above is the Picasso... We bought it at an auction when we arrived in France seven years ago. I call it our mini-minivan... The make is Citroën, which is Dutch for lemon*, but so far we're not sour on it. This little van gets Bernard back and forth to work like it should...

The poor thing's been through the ringer lately... In September, some vandales decided to steal the radio by smashing the passenger's side window and cutting out the cables. No, the trip to CarGlass was not on my guest's itinéraire that week. And that all triggered some electrical problems that are finally fixed. 

Otherwise, our little Picasso's got over 230,000 km (143,000 mi.) and it's still going strong...  It's a diesel, and at today's gas prices, which are going up again steadily, a gallon is a mere $6.09.**

That's a bargain compared to my car. I'll introduce her tomorrow.


*To my French readers: the word lemon, besides referring to the yellow citrus fruit, is a slang word for a car that has problems. 

**1.21€/liter = $1.61/liter x 3.785412 to convert to gallons = $6.09. Source:

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