Saturday, December 11, 2010

La Déchetterie

When you say the word, déchetterie, it sounds so beautiful. It's pronounced <deh sheh' ter ree>, which just rolls off the tongue with a melodious sound...

However, this place is just what you think it is. The dump. Now, doesn't dump sound so much more fitting for a place that's filled with our trash and yard waste?

I've fooled many a visitor over this vocabulary word with this tempting line: "It's got everything... glassware, food, wine, furniture, decorating items... anything you can imagine." My unsuspecting victims are ready for a shopping adventure filled with delightful things for all the senses. "Grab the camera and your appetite..."

That's all true; it is all there. Most people have a sense of humor, and it's just a one-street detour before we return to Route de Ligny, which takes us to a fabulous castle....

So, usually, I'm forgiven.

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