Monday, December 13, 2010

Killer Cereals

The first time I saw Chokella, I was visiting Bordeaux and was handed a sample box in a busy downtown shopping area. I nearly choked over the name. Who would find this name appetizing? Certainly not anyone named Ella, nor most other English speakers of the world... But being the good, non-wasteful mom that I am, who's always thinking of my children even when I'm away without them, who always hunts down just the perfect gift, I tucked it into my bag and gave it as a little treat to my then three-year-old daughter.

Thankfully, she couldn't read.

These sugar-laden treats are being saved for our next guests, because what better way to kick off a full day of large group togetherness than by winding the kids all up right there at breakfast?

Upon seeing these on the table, my kids quickly ID'd the "lame" ones: the Nesquik and the Chocapic. Cookie Crisp is the sought after one. They're gearing up for battle already. And being more French now perhaps than American, my kids didn't bat an eye at the name problem of the Sho-kel'-luh, as they pronounced the top one here.

Personally, I'd go for being thrown some of the Lion. It's got caramel, which is an acceptable match for chocolate in my book. (Don't contaminate chocolate with fruit!) But there will be six kids for our gathering, so I'll be staying out of the ring and eating my usual French breakfast: Special K, Feuilles de Chocolat Noir, not pictured.

Photo credit: Eloïse, age eight

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