Friday, December 3, 2010

The Newest Crown Jewels?

I always say give a good American trend six months and it'll find its way to France. Finally, they're here,  it says above. We were introduced to Silly Bands while on a trip home to the U.S. this summer. They're cheapo little plastic bracelets made in shapes of different themes... musical instruments, Wonders of the World, New York Yankees, etc...

My kids delighted in trading these with their cousins and were excited to share them with friends back home (even if French kids might not connect the Yankees with baseball). They began pestering me to buy them on every trip to Walmart (about 27) while we were home. At $1 for a packet of 12, I often obliged.

Later in the summer, we saw them for the first time on this continent in the south of France. They were 5€ a packet. I said, "Non," definitively, rather quickly. They didn't ask again. After the whole month of July in the states, they fully understood that 5€ was an even higher figure in dollars. So when we saw this display at a downtown store recently, Ellie nearly danced in the streets. Surely, they'd be more reasonable here? Yes! At 1.49€, she bought some for herself and a packet for Alex.

Now I'm wondering how long it'll be before we find these bracelets in the shapes of châteaux de la Loire? I can hear it already: "I'll trade you Cheverny castle for Chambord."

"No way, Chambord's far bigger." Etc, etc....

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